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Salmon/Seatrout Collection

Autumn Collection

€ 64,40
Item number: FCCOAUT

A nice collection af treats, specially picked for Scandinavian Salmon/Seatrout river fishing. This package includes:

2 pcs. 20g FC-Upstream

1 pcs. 16g FC-Upstream

1 pcs. 25g FC-Downstream

1 pcs. 19g FC-Downstream

1 pcs. 16g FC-Compact

1 pcs. 22g FC-Compact

1 pcs. Collection box (free)

1 pcs. Simms License holder (free)

Please notice: This collection is with standard size #4 hooks - if you are going to Skjern River - you need to choose the "special" version with smaller hooks

(Colors can vary, but they are all some of our own favorits)

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