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Our passion

The FC Spinner team consists of highly experienced anglers and we are extremely passionate to deliver the world's best spinner to anglers worldwide.

We ourselves have experienced what a difference it can make, to have the right gear and we are 100% convinced that the FC Spinner is simply the best of its kind, as it is hooking up loads of trophy fish every season.

All our own record fish have been caught on FC Spinner, just like many others and we therefore have lots of experiences and good stories to tell about FC Spinner.

Meet our team here:


Owner: Jan Pilgaard

Rekord salmon Denmark: 116 cm Skjern Å

Rekord salmon Norway: +15 kg Gaula 

Owner: Brian Møllerskov

Record salmon: 102 cm/9,5 kg - Gaula Norway

Record seatrout: 85 cm/7 kg - Ribe Å Denmark

Embassador: Rasmus Møllerskov

Record salmon DK: 113 cm/14,9kg Ribe Å

Record salmon S: 105 cm/12,5kg Mörrum 

Record seatrout: 5,5 kg Gels Å 

Embassador: Andreas Lyngø

Record salmon DK: 100 cm Skjern Å

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Embassador: Claus Julius

Record salmon: 99 cm Ribe Vester Å

Embassador: Torben Smedegaard

Record salmon: 116 cm Skjern Å

Embassador: Jimmy Nielsen

Record salmon: 115 cm 

Embassador: Peter Fosgerau

Record salmon DK: 100 cm Gudenå

Embassador: Ralph Eriksen

Record salmon: 115 cm 


Embassador: Göran Fossmo

Embassador: Arnt Ivar Hage 

Embassador: Arnt Ivar Hage 


Embassador : Wilhelm Mieth

Record salmon DK: 90 cm Skjern Å